World War II Bomber Found on the Moon

After doing some research about the moon (like, is the moon hollow?), there is some interesting evidence that a WW2 Bomber was discovered on the moon.

A former fighter pilot named Peter Gurenkov is sure that an American bomber plane that was found on the moon was put there by space aliens.

What’s the Catch About the Plane Found on the Moon?

It was put there by the same aliens that tried to hijack Mr. Gurenkov!

According to the retired Russian pilot at the time — early 1990s — he said a silver, cigar-shaped UFO tried to capture his plane over the Bering Sea in the late 1940s.

Strange Photo of the Airplane

This helps solve some questions about bizarre photos taken in the late 1980s of the bomber-on-the-moon mystery.

Here is the Picture of a Plane on the Moon:

ww2 bomber plane moon

“We have satellite photos clearly showing a World War 2 American bomber resting in a lunar crater, and for two years we have been investigating to determine how such a thing is possible.”

A Soviet scientist named Stanislav Makeyev.

“Pilot Gurenkov’s story seems quite credible and supports the premise of those on our task force who believe that extraterrestrials stole the plane and deposited it on the moon.”

Stanislav Makeyev

The pilot’s haunting story took place during the summer of 1948 as he flew a training mission, which took place off of the Siberian coast.

“It was a very routine flight until suddenly a glimmering tubular-shaped craft like nothing I’d ever seen before appeared from out of nowhere on my starboard side.”

Gurenkov, 63 years old at the time

“The thing was at least 500 meters long and made of a shiny, metallic material so bright it was difficult to look directly at it. The air had been very calm, but suddenly I was buffeted by such turbulence that I was barely able to control my plane.”


“Then all at once, two huge doors, like cargo doors, opened wide and I felt the plane being sucked sideways toward the UFO.”


“I could see figures moving around in the glow coming from inside the craft, and I could feel them peering at me.”


“I tried to pull away, but I was totally helpless, like the plane was being sucked up by a giant vacuum cleaner. There was no doubt in my mind that my plane and were going to be drawn into that thing and abducted.”


But then the UFO spaceship sent out an intense, extremely loud wailing sound that was so loud it scared the pilot to the bone. He heard the sound over his own airplane engines.

Just a few seconds later, the giant UFO doors snapped shut and the flying object shot out of his sight. Which released the grip on his Soviet fighter plane.

“It was as though an alarm or a call for help went off and the creatures aboard the ship suddenly lost interest in me.”

Gurenkov told the panel.

“The thing went straight up and was gone before I could blink my eyes”.


The scared pilot returned to his base, but didn’t mention ANY of this evidence to anyone. He feared that the story would jeopardize his military career.

And he was worried that his dreams of becoming a commercial pilot would be ruined.

But then when he read about the WW2 Bomber on the moon mystery, Gurenkov decided to tell his huge secret.

“I was still reluctant, but my wife Olga said, ‘Go ahead and get if off your chest. No one can hurt you now.'”

Gurenkov, grandfather at the time

Dr. Makeyev believed Gurenkov’s UFO story and believed that it could have helped solve one of history’s weirdest mysteries.

“Now that we know extraterrestrials had both an interest in abducting the Earth’s warplanes and the capability of doing it, we may have answered a number of questions about other missing planes.”

Dr. Makeyev

Thoughts About a Plane Found on Moon

The possibility of an airplane being found on the moon is an intriguing topic that raises many questions. While there is currently no concrete evidence to support this claim (except for maybe the above photo of the plane), it is important to keep an open mind and consider all possibilities.

What are your thoughts on this matter? We would like to hear your opinions and engage in a thoughtful discussion. Please share your thoughts and insights in the comments section below.

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