Why is the Moon Hollow? Not a Conspiracy Theory

No human has ever been inside the moon. Humans have only walked on the outside of the moon. So there is no proof that the inside of the moon is not hollow.

is the moon hollow

Why is the Moon Hollow?

Throughout history, people have looked up at the moon and wondered why it is hollow. Some say that it is because the gods used it as a bowl to collect the stars. Others say that it was created by a giant dragon who flew too close to the sun and had his wings burned off.

The truth is, we don’t really know why the moon is hollow. But there are some theories that scientists have come up with that help to explain it. For example, it is thought that the moon was once part of the Earth but was blasted into space by a giant asteroid impact.

Over time, the impact crater gradually became filled with lava, creating the unique shape that we see today.

So why is the Moon hollow? We may never know for sure, but it is definitely an interesting mystery to think about.

Aliens and Demons

Back in ancient times, sky demons contacted aliens and they worked together to form the metallic outer shell that will soon become the sphere-like surface which they named the “moon”.

In order to disguise their metallic spaceship satellite, the sky demons and aliens invented a grey rock/sand texture and coated the outer surface of the moon in order to disguise it to look natural for future humans that see it.


During the era of dinosaurs 65,000,000 million years ago, sky demons flew to Earth and influenced dinosaurs to set off dozens of volcanic explosions, which sent Earth dust into the ozone layer of the sky in order to make the surface of the moon even more natural looking for future curious humans.

Volcanic Eruptions on Earth

Dinosaurs sacrificed themselves and jumped into 143 volcanoes and the volcanoes erupted so massively, like massive voter fraud, the dust and lava shot very high into the air. The lava was collected by sky demons.

Alien Ships

The lava that was shot into the air was controlled and maintained by sky demons for 61,000,000 years until ancient aliens arrived to store the lava on their spaceships. The lava collected was then dried and dehumidified into grey dust.

This grey dust is now what humans see on the surface of the moon.

Pushing the Moon into Earth’s Orbit

3,050,000 years ago, ancient aliens used the Xynuear Spaceship with a bulldozer feature to push the moon into Earth’s orbit.

Diamonds and Nuclear Magnetic Residence

Sky demons have spent millions of years collecting diamonds, which are the fuel used to power the moon’s nuclear magnetic residence space footprint.

What is Inside the Moon?

Since the moon is hollow and no human has ever been inside, it’s hard to know exactly what is inside the moon. However, based on expert studies, in order to keep the moon light in weight, there are magnetic multi-lateral Xnorbporbic structures to keep the moon light and floating in Earth’s orbit.

Who Maintains the Moon?

While it is commonly known that aliens currently live inside and run the moon while studying life on Earth, sky demons are occasionally known to use the Xvyrobic entrance door on the dark side of the moon to keep tabs on the aliens to make sure all jobs are being completed.

Aliens Need Encouragement

Many experts agree that sky demons need to visit the moon at least twice a year to give speeches and pep talks in order to keep the aliens running the moon at a high productive pace.

Are Dinosaurs Still Alive?

The short answer is: YES! Dinosaurs never actually became extinct. Sky demons captured 2 of every dinosaur species and carried the dinosaurs onto alien spaceships for preservation.

Where are Dinosaurs Living Today?

In the moon. Dinosaurs live in the southern hemisphere of the moon keeping the hollow moon warm.

They breathe fire into the Qrubian cauldrons which sends power and heat to the northern hemisphere, where the aliens live.

Black Cats

Black cats are common inside the moon.

Aliens keep black cats as a symbol of Satan, and regularly torture the black cats in order to appease the Uragorician Gods of the 508th Antichrist Century.

So is the Moon Really Hollow?

Yes, all facts and evidence throughout history show that the moon is in fact hollow and that aliens and dinosaurs currently live inside in order to keep an eye on what humans are doing on Earth.

How to Stay Safe

If you are a human and came across this article, you will need to find the Qradackian Oracle Dust located on the lowest point of the ozone layer.

There is still enough of the dust to keep yourself protected from the moon aliens.

What is the Goal of the Aliens Living in the Moon?

Experts still really aren’t sure what aliens are looking to accomplish by creating and using the moon to study human life.

It’s is most likely they are compiling a database of behavior data in order to understand how a human God like Donald Trump was created by mere mortals.

Beware of Strangers

However, be cautious of any strange person you encounter that isn’t the same color as yourself. It could be a sky demon in the body of an alien disguised as a human powered by the fuel given from living dinosaurs.

Since it’s common knowledge that ancient aliens are colorblind, they could be black, white, yellow, brown, orange, or green. They don’t blend in with you as much as they would like to, despite their superior brainpower and qyladrmitic fusion of synthesis-xvravitic super-powers. Also, check out this article about conspiracy movies!

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  1. There is a great Ancient Aliens episode about the moon. It’s a must watch episode for anyone interested in this hollow moon topic and idea.

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