Who Is the Best President of All Time?

Have you ever wondered who the best president ever is? Well, here you go. It’s simple.

He is the only president ever that has sacrificed so much to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Have you guessed it yet? Need another hint?

His former life before becoming elected president involved being a reality TV show host who said, “You’re fired!”, and he was a successful Sharper Image steak salesman.

Oh, he is also a multi-billionaire real estate mogul.

If you haven’t guess yet who the best president ever is, then here you go:

Donald J. Fucking Trump

Enjoy his awesomeness.

Sorry Decocraps, you’re gonna have to deal with Trump until 2024. LOL!

What About Other Presidents?

Most people and historians would probably go to the generic old presidents like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Millard Fillmore, or Franklin D. Roosevelt and name them the best ever.


In modern times, no president has ever shaken the political swamp system that has been built for over 200 years. Donald J. Trump destroyed the system.

No other president has attacked the media for fake news as much as Trump. No other president has stood up to block illegal immigration the way Trump has.

The world needs to get ready to embrace Trump for another 4 years after his 2020 re-election.

What Would Trump Say?

If asked, “Hey Donald J. Trump, are you the best president ever?”.

His response would be: CORRECT!

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