US Leaders You Didn’t Know Were Freemasons

You already know that Freemasons are pretty much everywhere, from the highest levels of government to the entertainment industry to that guy down the street who is a member of your local lodge.

u.s. leaders you didnt know were freemasons

You probably already know about the big ones like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, but here are some U.S. leaders and public figures you might not know were also Freemasons.

Theodore Roosevelt

It might be hard to believe that the America’s favorite Rough Rider was also a Freemason, but Roosevelt was very public about his role as Master Mason in his New York lodge.

He even espoused Masonic values as models for government.

He made regular visits to Masonic lodges wherever he went, and passed the Mason legacy down through his family, eventually reaching distant cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Earl Warren

This former California Governor and Supreme Court Justice saw some major stuff in his time. He was on the bench for cases like Brown v. Board of Education and Reynolds v. Sims.

He also happened to be the Mason Grand Master of California, along with a 33 Degree Scottish Rite Mason.

Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin

US Air Force Colonel and second man to walk on the moon Buzz Aldrin was known to be a Freemason, and some think he may have even brought his Masonic practice to space.

Lesser allegations include him bringing a Scottish Rite banner to plant on the moon, while others suggest that he was part of a larger mission to propagate Masonic values throughout the universe.

Benedict Arnold

America’s most famous traitor was a Freemason, just as many of the founding fathers.

Pierre L’Enfant

This French born American architect and civil engineer was the mastermind behind planning the nation’s capital in Washington DC.

Due to his Masonic ties, many believe that he intentionally integrated masonic symbols into the layout of DC. In particular, major points are said to create an image of the Masonic compass and the “sacred pentagram.”

Samuel “Mark Twain” Clemens

This American author was a member of a St. Louis lodge and at one point he was briefly suspended for not paying his dues.

He was initiated in 1861 and stayed active until his resignation in 1867.

Jesse Jackson

The Reverend Jesse Jackson, civil rights activist, Baptist minister, and American politician, is still very much active as a member of his lodge in Chicago.

It should come as no surprise, then, that he is a Prince Hall Freemason, a group that works to conquer racial tension within the Grand Lodge.

David G. Burnet

Back in the day, Texas enjoyed a bit of freedom as its own nation in between seceding from Mexico and formally joining with the US.

Just as the US had with its first President, the first President of the Republic of Texas was a mason named David G. Burnet, son of a Continental Congress member.

Samuel James “Sam” Evin Jr.

North Carolina Senator Sam Ervin wasn’t just a country lawyer. This American politician, segregationist, and Jim Crow defender was also the Mason that headed up the investigation of the infamous Watergate Scandal.

Francis Scott Key

The poet, lawyer, and district attorney behind the nation’s national anthem was known to have Freemason connections.

Now, check out presidents that were Freemasons. And then read about conspiracy theory films.

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