The U.S. Military Killed a Giant in Kandahar

In 2002, a Biblical giant with flaming red hair was killed by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. But why did United States Special Forces kill a giant in Kandahar and try to cover it up?


These gigantic creatures were the offspring of the “sons of God,” the angels, and the “daughters of men.” In Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33, the Bible speaks of “giants” populating the Earth.

When ordinary people saw them, they said “we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.”

What’s more, these giants didn’t just exist in biblical times but live on through the present day.

Giant in Kandahar Military

The Battle with the Giant of Kandahar

The United States’ military men encountered the giant red-headed beast (Kandahar giant) along a goat path near a cave in rural Afghanistan. The giant, who was at least 18 ft. tall, appeared with a loud threatening roar.

The soldiers opened fire and shot the giant many times in the face, neck, head, and chest. The battle lasted only 30 seconds.

Near the deceased giant body, the soldiers noticed a 9 ft. spear made of Talibythrian stone, a commonly known material used by ancient aliens 12,750 years ago.

The Cover Up

  • If the U.S. military encountered such a beast and managed to kill it, why would they hide it and try to cover up the story?
  • Wouldn’t this be one of the biggest stories of the century to bring forth the body of a previously living giant and show the world such a beast exists?

Sky Demons

While the soldiers were doing an immediate autopsy of the giant’s body, the actual giant of Kandahar, a grey cloud of smoke oozed out of the giant’s mouth and formed into a sky demon.

The demon warned the soldiers of an up-and-coming Jr. demon known as Barack Hussein Obama who would take power six years later in 2008 with a plan to destroy and bankrupt America.

Giants and Their Connection with Ancient Aliens

What scared the Afghan U.S. military soldiers the most was the Talibythrian stone spear they found near the body. At the time, many experts believed Talibythrian stone could only have existed 12,750 years ago.

But now, they were seeing it in person in the year 2002. This caused panic within the military unit because they knew that there were aliens being kept in remote mountainous areas in the United States.

Is it possible imprisoned aliens in the U.S. sent Biblical giants into Afghanistan war-zones where American soldiers were patrolling in order to secretly destroy them with Talibythrian stone spears?

But the biggest question is WHY? Why would the U.S. military cover up the dead giant?

If you’ve read the scriptures of the Ancient Covenant of the Grystatiion Times, you would know that Biblical giants controlled the water supply in America at the time.


And those same giants poisoned rivers and water systems with chemicals that turned frogs and other amphibians gay. Now it is becoming clear why the cover-up happened.

The U.S. military did not want the public knowing that these giants are alive because they could still be controlling the water supply in America today.

If the public knew they were alive, then there would be panic amongst citizens knowing that our dear frogs could be in danger of turning homosexual.

What Now?

Be vigilant. We know that a giant was killed in Kandahar. If one was killed, there could be many more, and they could be even more dangerous knowing they are controlled by aliens.

Be sure to boil your water before feeding it to any frogs, and you and our amazing country will live forever.

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  1. I always thought this was a myth but I can’t believe it’s actually true. I need to let my relatives know to stay away from any giants they might encounter.

        1. Late 1800’s Lovelock , NV last of Red Headed giants , your not going to tell me over 150 Deep Underground Military Bases built with Thousands on miles n Bullets trains connecting them all n not a trace of Red Headed Giants , Bill Gates n George Soros milked the Pandemic till Russia kicked their cohorts out now they are going to poison the water

  2. “A supposed witness of the event said that one soldier was skewered by the giant while they laid down fire. According to this soldier, the government did not divulge this encounter and he believed that it was because giants do not fit into the way we explain our world.”

  3. I love how Snopes say false. Why do sheep continue to think our government is 100% truthful to us. Snopes should at least list it as unknown I mean who buys anything the military or government tells us anymore. Devils run this country but why they are not afraid of GOD is the bigger question. Is the Bible made up by an alien race? I know one thing the earth is a lot older than they say and many types of humans have lived here before the current manifestation.

    1. I was in a scenario with giants in Afghanistan and wasn’t ever in Kandahar. They are very real. Act cool tough guy. Either you are really shallow, ignorant or CIA covering it up.

  4. I think the giant also mentioned that a false profit named Joe Biden would screw the entire world economy and take orders from demons named Soros, Zuckerberg, Schumer, and a whore named Pelosi and have an ugly fire bush be his mouth piece. Let’s Go Brandon!!!!

  5. Pingback: Chad
  6. There was a giant(s) at FoB Shkin 06-07… After it/they retreated into a caves 2 JADAMS were dropped on it. Odd how that is nowhere on the internet. It happened.

  7. In the day of Noah, before the great flood, there was great sin such as murders, homosexual activity, thieving, sons of God (fallen angels) coming down to Earth mating with human females, giving birth to giants (nephilim). The flood destroyed all those things on the Earth. The Bible states that in the last days, events on the Earth will be as it was in the day of Noah. Watch out for the Kandahar giants back then, too.

  8. There was a giant at FoB Shkin 06-07… it wasnt just Kandahar. It/they went into a cave and the airforce dropped 2 JADAMS on that mountain. HUGE explosions.

    Yes, those are the “Giants” talked about in the Bible. They are real and exist. Anyone that says otherwise here doesn’t know or is covering it up. I’d take an oath on it. 100%

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