Texas 2020 Early Mail-In Voter Fraud

With all the controversy in the year 2020 about voter fraud and how Democrats will stop at nothing to cheat in the election to get rid of Donald J. Trump, here is evidence of how simple it will be for cheating DemoRats to count hundreds of thousands of votes for Joe Biden.

In the state of Texas, far-left-wing voters are simply mailing in hundreds of votes.

Many times, one person is mailing in a whole sticky notepad of votes that is counting hundreds of times, or counting for however many sticky notes are in the notepad set they bought.

Texas Voter Fraud Ballot Evidence Can Be Seen Here:

texas voter fraud evidence
Texas 2020 Voter Fraud Proof

It is so easy to game the voting system during a pandemic.

Guard against fraud is down since fake scientific experts are encouraging social distancing and are encouraging not voting in person on a simple machine.

President Donald J. Trump himself has been voicing his concerns about early voting and mail-in voting for awhile. Here’s his Tweet about it:

Now to see how easy it is for anyone to vote hundreds of times, simply by sending in a pack of sticky notes with their vote for Joe Biden on each sheet is a bit disturbing, to be honest.

Hopefully before election day someone will be able to figure out how to make sure those types of sticky-note mail-in votes don’t count. We don’t want the USA to be turned over to radical leftist radicals like AOC and Joe Biden.

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