How Tall Is Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is 6′ 0″ (six feet and zero inches).

Or 1.8288 meters.

Or 182.88 centimeters.

What Else Is About 6 Ft. Tall or Long?

Here are some other things that are about as tall or long as Joe Biden, but these things might be a bit smarter than the current U.S. president:

  • A 6 ft. stack of hamburgers.
  • A 6 ft. pile of broken glass.
  • Some 7 ft. dude, but when after his head is cut off he is about 6 feet tall.
  • Six 1 ft. long dildos stacked up the long way.
  • A standard twin or full-size mattress.
  • A yoga mat.
  • That rotted piece of wood that’s been in your backyard for the last three years, but then you finally decide to measure it and realize that the piece of rotting wood is actually the same height as Joe Biden at 6′ 0″.
  • A high school locker.
  • Three 2 ft. toddlers standing on each others’ heads.

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