Donald Trump Defeats COVID-19 Coronavirus in 4 Days

Not surprising to anyone, President Donald J. Trump has successfully defeated and beat the novel Coronavirus in less than a week.

Most people that survive the 19th version of covid usually need at least 14 days to recover from the politicized Chinese virus.

Joe Biden would still be hiden if he caught Corona, but Donald Trump triumphantly declared victory on October 5th, 2020 when he returned to the White House in perfect health from a hospital.

Trump Looking Great After Beating Covid-19

This is from a tweet in the White House.

Beating COVID-19 in just a few days has to be some kind of record with the like that no one has ever seem before, at least in the last 100 years no one has beat Coronavirus that fast.

Donald Trump is like the ultimate alpha male.

Top Comments

Here are some of the best comments about our commander in chief’s return to the White House from

The vast majority survive. The vast majority don’t require hospitalization. The vast majority are back to normal within two weeks. The vast majority don’t even contract the virus.
This pandemic is nothing but fear-mongering by lib media Enemas of the People CNN, NPR, MSNBC, who are coordinating with Dem governors to inflict damage upon this great nation.
The American People should rise up.

Biden retreats and Trump leads. Biden brings basement bunker policies that reflect his own fear….like 3 more years of masks and shutting down the country imploding the economy. Trump leads like a leader, out in front showing the troops what’s real and what’s not. Wars are won with courage, not fear.

Another Quote

Donald Trump just showed the truth of the Chinese Virus. He is 74 years old, morbidly obese as CNN puts it, and in a high risk category. Yet he beat the virus over a weekend. If he can beat it and get back to work, so can the rest of the nation.

Now you please read about the pros and cons of the Covid vaccine here. It’s not that bad or scary. And here are conspiracy theory movies.

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