Can You Workout After Covid Vaccine?

The quick answer is:


Work the hell out and exercise after you get your vaccine.

Just be sure to drink plenty of water.

Want to Know More Details Before Getting the Shot?

You might be thinking to yourself:

Why does this Donald Trump supporting website also support getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

Here’s why.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 itself messed up the entire world.

I got the vaccine to see what happens to my body and fought the fatigue like a true Patriot.

covid vaccine

I love doing drugs and putting unknown substances into my body.

All that happened to me after being vaccinated was that I got a small headache, got the chills for a few seconds, then felt better.

No big deal.

If you are a Trumper and love doing ANY of these things like:

  • Drinking Caffeine (from coffee or soda pop drinks)
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Smoking Weed
  • Smoking Nicotine in Cigarettes
  • Chewing Tobacco

Then you should try the COVID-19 vaccine.

It’s just a one or two time quick shot injection that goes into your arm, then your arm is sore, then your body knows how to fight the COVID infection if it gets into your body.

Not a big deal.

It’s Simple

It doesn’t matter if you plan to workout before or after your COVID vaccine. You can exercise the same way you always do.

Exercising and working out doesn’t make the vaccine any less effective.

I would just recommend drinking lots of water before and after your Covid vaccine if you plan to exercise.

I actually drank tons of awesome beer the 2 days I got my Covid-19 vaccines and I didn’t work out at all.

So if I drank beer, but you are worried about doing a healthy workout after getting a Covid-19 vaccine, then you will be fine.

You are already MUCH healthier than I am.

So vax up and drink up.

Not sure about getting the vaccine. Are you hesitant? Check out our article about the pros & cons of the Covid vaccine here online.

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