What is Black Goo? (Demonic Conspiracy)

When I was asked to write about the mysterious Black Goo that was spotted recently, I thought to myself; what could be that intriguing about some toxic goop?

If I see some Black Goo on the sidewalk, I am not going to touch it, smell it, or go anywhere near it. I was imagining something like hot black tar that we often see when the city is paving the road.

Interesting Black Goo

However, when I started researching the Black Goo phenomenon, I have to admit, I was intrigued.

Anyone walking along the road and sees a big glob of Black Goo actually moving on its own like a living being, would have a difficult time getting anyone to believe them. The Black Goo was collected into two different boxes.

The crystal like form moved the boxes to try to get to one another. Many are calling the Black Goo demonic.

How it was concluded that the crystals were of a demonic source, I have not found any evidence in my research. However, the goo has been found near The Bush home.

Some consider that to be a sign that it is not of God?

The scientific breakdown of the goo is a mineral oil containing high amounts of m-state gold and iridium.

Found on Thule Island on the South Falkland Islands and under the Gulf of Mexico, the Black Goo has been spotted and recorded on YouTube by many.

A black oil is said to have come from events where the Earth’s crust split and broke allowing the goo to seep in.

Black Goo shows the ability to organize itself and display highly intelligent consciousness. According to witnesses, the goo’s energy instructs them to have thoughts of murder.

Reported to smell like sulfur, those who have spotted the goo off the Gulf of Mexico have touched it stating the texture is slimy and looks like crude oil.

Star Trek Connection

Tests are ongoing to find out exactly what the Black Goo is. Though it sounds like a creature we have seen in an old 1970s episode of Star Trek where Doctor Spock tells the crew he cannot compute what the substance is, but warns that it is alive.

And then Captain Kirk gets sucked in by the Black Goo and somehow has a love affair with a female version of the Black Goo decorated crystals and something irresistible possessing him.

He tries to get Scotty to beam him up before the Black Goo takes complete control of his functions. Of course, there is a fight to the death and Captain Kirk is able to break free from The Black Goo’s hold on him.

He makes it back the spacecraft with his crew. He sits exhausted with traces of goo on him and instructs the crew to take off.

How Does it End?

The show ends with Star Trek fans wondering is the Black Goo laid eggs somewhere on the Captain Kirk’s ship. If you like this Star Trek theory, check out my list of conspiracy theory films.

When I think of other life being out there in space that might have landed here on Earth, I think of being that look similar to us, but definitely not little green men or Black Goo. Also, check out Massive Voter Fraud.


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