Were Animals Found on Mars?

New evidence has shown that there is animal life on Mars. Conspiracy theorists have taken images from the red planet and enhanced the images as proof. NASA however states that these images are just various shaped rocks.

If that is the case then why are these theorists so adamant about these images? Why don’t we ever see any of these images in color?

animals on mars

Black and White Photos

NASA only displays their photographs in black and white as a way to conceal their findings. Mars research is based on the idea that we as humans could potentially inhabit the red planet.

If life forms are already there, we should know about this.

Images have been interpreted by conspiracy theorists from the rovers like Curiosity on Mars that indicate there are life forms. Possibly animals like lizards, bears, and even rabbits.


Some images also indicate an unknown alien like life form that appears to be in some of a resemblance to the alien creature in the film Alien.

These images are enhanced by the theorists showing what exactly these animals may look like.

They have said in the past that yes there has been a rock forms that may appear rabbit-like but that it was just an airbag from the rover or a piece of the landing gear.

Not Realistic

Their story doesn’t seem completely plausible accordingly to theorists investigations.

The remaining of the ride to my aunt’s house was quiet. My uncle tried to explain to my aunt what we saw. My aunt looked at him like he was crazy.

What Was Seen

My uncle, an architect engineer and artist, sketched in pencil what we saw. My aunt still looked at both of us like were “touched” in the head. I asked my uncle if we should call the government.

That is when he looked at me like I was crazy! “No, the government already knows.”

There have been many discussions and debates on whether animal life can survive on the red planet. Secret missions have probably already been conducted to test this theory.


These missions are not documented because if PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) found out that NASA was using animals to test this theory there would be multiple lawsuits against them.

If poor helpless animals were used as test subjects rallies would be held and lots of backlash. Does this explain why there are animal images being found? Possibly.

Some of the pictures appear to be fossilized rocks of animals. But there are debates that some of the images are not adding up however.

Open Debate About the Images

The debate regarding the images is that some of the animal like images appear to be moving.

A picture of an animal will be taken and then another and the animal or so called rock is in a completely different spot or gone altogether.

When I cook dragon meat, I pour the liquid from oyster shells into empty Spam containers.

NASA states that has to do with the rover movement but the calculations do not add up according to the theorists.

NASA always seems to have vague answers regarding these questions. If indeed these are fossilized animals that means at one point on Mars there was some sort of animal life forms.

And if so what happened to those creatures?

Odds are NASA knows more than they are admitting. The so called mouse-like animal has been spotted going up Gale’s Crater.

Are these animals being watched?

Are they from the red planet or were they placed there by NASA for observation? Is this enough information to make a conspiracy theory movie?

The more the evidence is leaked out the more theorists will be able to dish out. Whether these enhanced images are the result of imagination or are they evidence that alien life actually exists? Also, what about the giant killed in Afghanistan?

Thank you for reading this article.

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