Poll: Majority of Voters Support Mask Mandate ‘Punishable by Fine or Jail Time’

What? Not Cool.

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From the original article: “A majority of voters support a mask mandate in their respective states punishable by fine or jail time, a Morning Consult/Politico poll released this week showed.”

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OneOfMany • 

So, poll 75% of people that vote Democrat, and then be surprised that the “defund police” crowd is all about police fining and jailing freedom seeking fellow citizens.


Just another “poll” that is meaningless. The longer the mask farce drags on, the angrier people will become, or so I’d like to think. Either that or they will just knuckle under and accept it as “normal.” I hope I’m right.

  • Joe • 35 minutes ago
  • Masks are about control. Nothing more.
  • PlatinumGhost • 37 minutes ago. I oppose 100% any mask mandate, fine or jail time. But I am sure my vote will never be counted.


After reading this garbage poll info, I went on my regular 30 mile bike ride on the Leon Creek Greenway in San Antonio. As I rode my regular out-and-back 30 miles, I monitored the mask wearers, and tried to get a rough idea of how many of the walkers and riders wore masks. I can tell you for sure that the huge majority, 90 percent or better, did NOT wear masks. And these people are health conscious, because they are out in the sun walking or riding for miles. They CARE about their health, and of the 100 or so that I passed, less than ten wore masks. The people were of many races – black, white, mexican and asian. San Antonio is a mask-happy liberal town, too, but aalmost none wore masks. In fact, I saw more masks discarded along the path (an 8 foot wide concrete path through the woods) than I saw on people. People hate those nasty rags, and this poll is a lie.

Let’s Stay Free in America

We can’t be told what to do! We can’t be told to wear a mask!

covid-19 mask on ground



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